Mr. Brigham Hansen, President of Anaheim Screen & Glass, has been in the glass industry for 32 years, carrying along with him not only his glazing experience, but also the same company name for well over three long exciting decades. Anaheim Screen & Glass has been a well recognized company in both residential and commercial markets of new and exsiting construction. All of our associates from the highest to lowest ranks, have a very clear and vivid perspective throughout their daily operations. The perspective is that we are not in the business to just get another job done, but rather, we are in business to set new standards in the glazing excellence. This means that we will be very diligent in every opportunity possible when it comes to materials and workmanship to change the glazing industry to the better.

                                Our Mission

      With literally thousands of succcesful glass projects completed in the past, over the years we have acquired an outstanding achievement of experience and skill that is unsurpassed in the glass industry. Wether your project consists of just replacing the basic glass pane to your window, or tearing down your existing shower enclosure to modify to a brand new look and appearance, you can rest assure that while on your project our priorities will be to deliver value, quality, excellence and satisfaction in materials, labor and service. We have assembled a five star group of the best experts in the glazing industry to insure that you will receive the best professional service. The most important objective to our friendly and dedicated professionals is your complete satisfaction throughout all phases of your project.